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Never purchase a dog from Rocky Top K9's in MO from Ellen Roberts. They were just listed as one of the country's 100 worst puppy mills and it all makes sense.

Four years ago we bought our first family dog, a cavalier King Charles Spaniel. hecarriced with worms. Red flag. We noticed hechada odd gait.

When he was under a year he was rough housing with another dog and ended up abnormally in pain. We rushed him to the vet. After $1500 in surgery we learned that due to poor breeding from a puppy mill his hips and knees were never in the sockets. His surgery was the only unsuccessful ever.

Suggested tonputvhin down but we couldn't. We tried medication therapy and he's been on four pain meds which allow him to live happily but he can't walk like other dogs. He pulls his back end around once he can't do that any longer we will have no more options. He's a sweetie and our family loves him but he shouldn't have to live this way due to Ellen's greed.

Buyer aware. These mills need to be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Rocky Top K9s - Puppies sold w/ demodex mange and heart murmurs and delivered w/ bacterial pneumonia

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To whom it may concern,

I am writing this review to this breeder because I hope I can help some of the reader and consumers hoping to buyer a puppy in the future. This breeder in my opinion does not have champion line adults breeding stack, but just a puppy mill, she does not care about the line of puppies her dogs produces nor does her contract displayed on her website http// give the consume any rights in getting a healthy puppy (because she will not honor it if you don’t ). If I can help one person dodge the horror I have encounter with this breeder, Ellen Roberts the world would be a better place and they could save themselves thousands of dollars in vet bills and a big headache from this lady. Ellen Roberts also advertises her puppies on http// ,http//: and http// she calls her website: rocky top k-9’s Extraordinary dogs , but the puppies are not. My boxer puppies have demodex mange and one has a 2-3 heart murmur, the other one I had to euthanize R.I.P., he was too sick from bacterial pneumonia (ship sick). I left picture that can say more than I can.

Thank you,

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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  • boxer fawn demodex mange w bacter
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Naperville, Illinois, United States #1199654

We purchased a female boxer from her May 2012 parents were Brodie and Bubbles. 14 days later our puppy who was our 11 year old sons 1st puppy that HE picked out and was in love with, was in the vets office...with pneumonia.

Two days later she was on an IV hanging on to life, another two days later we were told to prepare for the worst if she didn't turn around. They were giving her two different antibiotics and a steroid. 24 hours later she finally made a turn and came home with Meds. We finished them up.

10-14 days later she was coughing again! Back to the vet we went got on a 3 week round of antibiotics finished it up decided probably best to do another round to hopefully get the bacteria gone. She had an ear infection as a result of the antibiotic plus at some point in the midst of all this had mange as well. We fought/paid for this dog in more ways than an owner should have to.

We refused to give up on her. Last week we were able to pay off the vet bill (close to $5k) and I cried. She is a sweet little girl with an amazing disposition. We believe her Meds may have stunted her growth because her head is not proportional to her body and her bump on her head has never fully smoothed out.

We have no regrets in our decision to not have her put down and spending the $$$ to keep her going. Thankfully we had the means to afford this (including me going back to work)

This all being said we had no recourse because breeder is in Missouri there are NO laws protecting the buyers of puppies in this state (lemon puppy laws) she met us just inside her state lines and would not meet us in our state.

It all made sense once I researched this. So puppy buyer beware.


^spending 3k for a boxer puppy is a joke in itself. You would benefit from visiting dogs at the shelter or finding a decent breeder through what was this poor souls outcome?

to Anonymous #1460002

Hey anonymous!That is the vet EXPENSE! Not the price of the dog!Doing the research on the breeder was done!!!

There was nothing out there!

Researching her on AKC revealed NOTHING other than she breed AKC registered dogs!We’ve rescued 2 different dogs, one attacked a neighbor lady and had to be put down...seemed perfectly sweet and normal when we brought her home!They Other one was never fully house broken and came with the same derma mange! So drop your makes to seem stupid!


We have purchased three dogs from Ellen Roberts over the past 7 years. They all are very healthy and we are extremely satisfied.

Mrs. Roberts is a very conscientious and dedicated breeder of dogs and I highly recommend her anyone wanted a quality dog for their family.

Sheila Anderson

to Shelia #1277211

That's why she and her horrible *** of a death breeding facility is on the 2016 Humane Society *** BAG LIST! I'm sure in the past as well!!!

to Anonymous #1443892

I have tried to find this list, and have been unable to. I purchased a cocker spaniel from Ellen, and while she is small (not uncommon; she's ~14 to ~15 lbs), she is healthy.

to Anonymous #1443895

NVM, I did locate this list, it's at


Please report this breeder to the Kennel Association or whoever is supposed to regulate breeders. you know how many homeless pets could have been helped with that 3K you spent?

to Anonymous #764554

The dam: Rocky Tops Lucky Seven WS38976607 and the sire: Neals Brodie WS30641230 of these puppies has been reported to the AKC. I just feel sorry for the puppies Ellen Roberts is still breeding and selling with this this pair of adult dogs. Ellen Roberts still has them up on her website as breeding adults and since my puppies where born 6-3-13, the sire has fathered one liter since. With the letter I received from the Humane Society of the United States, my puppies were doomed to begin with as stated:

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. As you may know, there are over 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S, many of which are keeping dogs in deplorable and inhumane conditions. Many of these facilities are operating legally, meaning that they are operating because laws are non-existent to regulate that industry or they’re operating within the confines of present laws.

We have had a previous complaint about Ellen Roberts, and I will add your complaint to our records as well. She sells several different breeds online through nextdaypets, her website and I did find your complaint on yelp, along with some others. As you noted on the complaint form, she is USDA licensed. Her inspection reports show numerous violations for lack of veterinary care, lack of shelter from the elements, and insufficient living conditions. In June 2013, she was cited for your puppies’ dam “Seven” with “ribs and spinal arches prominent and there was a pronounced tuck in the abdomen.” when she was nursing. At the same inspection, other boxers were noted for mange and hair loss on their bodies. It appears that your case was not the first time that Ms. Roberts had seen mange at her kennel. She has been inspected four times this year. Please note that the Animal Welfare Act standards are not hard to comply with, they are a minimal set of standards. In addition, The USDA recently published an online complaint form to report concerns about animals covered under the AWA. Here is a link to the complaint form should you wish you file a complaint with them.


Amanda Gossom

Research Coordinator, Puppy Mills Campaign

to lasvegasboxer Lexington, Mississippi, United States #902012

ellen roberts rock yopk9s in west plains mo is a scam sell pupys that are not well keeps your deposit when you buy the sick pup. big puppy mill has 50puppys on puppy she is a scam..

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